Working together, we help to build resiliency with First Responders, their partners, and their families to foster healthy professional and personal lives.

Our Team

The founders of Warrior's Rest have over 50 years of experience in Law Enforcement.  Other members of our core team have decades of experience in Law Enforcement, teaching, and presenting as well as providing counseling and crisis intervention.  This team is experienced in responding to critical incidents, line of duty death and natural disasters to perform mental health counseling and peer support crisis intervention for those Law Enforcement & First Responders that are impacted by those events.   

Our Passion

Every day, First Responders choose to do everything in their power to protect and save innocent lives. Whether that is desperately performing CPR on an unresponsive toddler, walking into a burning building determined to ensure every living thing is safely outside, or running into a school or business or where an active shooter is destroying lives one person at a time.  First Responders actively experience human tragedy every single day they put on their uniform and go to work.    

We believe in our First Responders, and we see first-hand the long-term effects of chronic and unmitigated stress, trauma, critical incidents and loss, which often result in addiction, suicide, and broken families.  Our mission is to help our First Responders understand they are not alone and there is way back to themselves.

We accomplish this by using peer support / crisis intervention techniques.  We train peer support teams by using Critical Incident Stress Management instructors that go beyond the crisis intervention training and mentor these teams on how to perform these techniques in a very difficult environment.  


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"The WRF and their peer team are some of the most professional and compassionate groups of people our organization has had the pleasure of working with. I have seen their phenomenal work save the lives of our nation's first responders and you cannot put a value on that."

Douglas Wright
Executive Director, National Criminal Enforcement Association

"The founders of Warriors Rest Foundation played a crucial role in helping us navigate life after a critical incident. They were an invaluable resource in helping us deal with the physical and mental recovery, not only for Keith but for our entire family. Because of their compassion and dedication, Keith and I were able to find the new normal for us as a family. We are so grateful for the guidance given by those who put their hearts into Warriors Rest Foundation and can not thank them enough for the impact they had in our lives during such a trying time. "

Keith and Kayla Burch

"As the Founder and CEO of The Wounded Blue I entrusted the training of our entire Peer Advocate Support Team To Warriors Rest and I attended as well. This organization is Incredible. Not just because of the quality of the training but in the dedication of Brad, Brett, Gary and Kathy. They are leaving a legacy of compassion and empathy that will touch First Responders for years to come. "

LT Randy Sutton (Ret.)
Founder/CEO The Wounded Blue

"Pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps only works until the bootstraps break. The things that the Officer sees, hears, touches, smells, and even tastes occurs on a daily basis. This soon affects the mind, will, and emotions of the Officer that possibly concludes in something no one desires. Warriors Rest Foundation is here to help our Officers through personal issues before they reach that critical state as well as after the bootstraps break. Warriors Rest Foundation has helped many of our Officers to receive the assistance they need in order to continue their career as an effective Officer. "

Chaplain Don Duncan
Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office

"My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Brad and Brett at the National C.O.P.S conference in November 2017, two months after I was involved in a critical incident. They immediately took my husband and I under their wing and began sharing their knowledge with us. They kept in touch with us as the months passed. In the beginning of 2018, things began to unravel in my life and I was headed down a dark path. In an act of desperation, I reached out to Brad for help. In less than 24 hours, Brad had me enrolled in a program to help me with my PTSD. Even though we were over a thousand miles apart, Brad was able to help me in ways that my own department couldn't. I successfully completed the program and returned home with the tools needed to rebuild my career as well as my home life. Had Brad not been there when I made that phone call, I'm sure I would not be where I'm at today. I will forever be grateful to Brad and all the help and guidance he has given me."

Trooper Athena Ruiz,
California Highway Patrol

"Warrior’s Rest Foundation is by far one of the best officer wellness organizations to partner with. Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to build upon what is already established, they will provide your agency with the training and support needed to ensure your program is effective and focuses on taking care of the needs of your employees. The instructors at Warrior’s Rest are not only extremely knowledgeable and experienced, but their kindness and genuine care for everyone they work with is undeniable. Bottom line, I would recommend partnering with Warrior’s Rest Foundation to anyone!"

Nic Allen
South Dakota Highway Patrol Officer Wellness Coordinator

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